All praises to Almighty Allah (SWT); whose blessings have made me what I am today.

It’s him, it’s undoubtedly Allah, who hasn’t only rescued me during the toughest times but also forced people around to accept me as a reality.

After that I am bound to pay sincere homage to my great parents whose consistent guidance have helped me finding true path in life.

I am also glad to extend heartfelt gratitude to my family (beautiful wife & naughty kids) for their unconditional love and support throughout this entire period.

Before I start, I would like to thank Mr Abbas Mansoor (CEO Giants Solutions) whose tireless efforts have made this website a reality. It was none other than him, who made me write these traditional boring lines for you. Thanks again.

Honestly speaking, I don’t think that I have been able to acquire extra ordinary success as a current affair anchor as yet. But there is certainly one thing that I am truly indebted about and that is the faith, love & encouragement from all of you as always.

People says that I am mad. Some call me brave. To me, bravery isn’t saying the un-said or presenting the un-presented. Perhaps it’s the vacuum that was always there. I was only smart enough to utilise that.

An un-deniable and bitter reality of news & current affair industry is that people so far don’t even bother to take a risk. May be because of loosing fame, job or life.

Contrary to above-mentioned creature, I always knew that I am here to speak on behalf of a common man. The deprived one. No matter who is in front of me, but I have always stuck to that one point agenda (AlhamduLillah).

Before you loose interest, I need to thank the haters, people who always underestimated me. Seriously, it was thesm who motivated me further to always give my best.

I, being unnecessarily realistic, have never ever dreamt of being number one in the industry. But have definitely tried to realise the movers & shakers of their answerability.

This may be a profession for anybody else. For me, it’s my passion.

I am not here to en-cash every moment of my existence as a current affair anchor. But I am here and will always dare to ask people in power corridors what they haven’t done to make my country a better place to live in.

In the end, I from the bottom of my heart, would like to thank Maulana Zar Wali Khan (late), Mr Naseem Pervez, Dr Abdul Sattar Magsi and Dr Mansoor Ahmed.

These are the people who were always there when nobody else was. May Almighty Allah bless all of them with best of both worlds (aameen)

Pakistan Paindabad